Pullip Clothes by Hello Cool Cat

I bought these adorable clothes for my Pullip dolls on Etsy from Hello Cool Cat!

Click here for the video.

Outfit from Hello Cool Cat

Hello Cool Cat clothes featured in video:

  • Blythe/Pullip Black Tee + Separate Stripe Sleeves in Pink – $6.50
  • Blythe/Pullip Knee Top Socks (Thin Stripe with Black Bow) in Pink – $2.90
  • Blythe/Pullip Knee Socks (Dot) in Sky Blue – $2.50
  • Blythe/Pullip Cute Bunny Ears in Sky Blue – $12.50
  • Blythe/Pullip Style Boots in Black – $12.00
  • Blythe/Pullip Dot Pattern (High Collar) in Sky Blue – $7.50
  • Blythe/Pullip Denim Overall Shorts in Deep Pink Dot – $21.90
  • Blythe/Pullip Skeleton Pattern Pleated Mini Short Skirt in Black – $9.90
  • Blythe/Pullip Hoodie Top (Short Sleeves) in Grey – $9.50
Favorite boots from Hello Cool Cat

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