What is a Pullip?

Someone recently asked me to tell them a little bit more about Pullip dolls, as they had never seen one before. I put a video together about that very topic, and did a little overview of my Pullip collection. For more about Pullip, keep reading….

Pullip is a fashion doll first designed by a South Korean artist (Cheonsang Cheonha) in 2003 and first produced by Jun Planning out of Japan.

In 2009, Jun Planning began operating as “Groove, Inc.” (aka JP Groove) out of South Korea.

Pullip (Korean for leaf or blade of grass) is a doll with a jointed plastic body (1:6 scale), an oversized head (1:3 scale), and eye mechanisms that allow for eye movement from side to side and blinking eyelids. There have been different body types used. Currently Type 4 Body is in production.

Some of the companion dolls available are: Taeyang (Pullip’s current boyfriend), Dal (Taeyang’s little sister), Byul (Dal’s friend), and Isul (Pullip’s little brother).

The first Pullip doll was released in July 2003. She was called “Wind” and came with a bicycle for around $90. She was also released without a bike for about $73.

Prices for Pullip dolls have increased. In 2016, the average MSRP was $184 (ranging from $120-$405). Thus far in 2018, the dolls have had a MSRP ranging from $163-$450.

Pullip dolls are also customizable. You can change out their eye chips, wigs, change their face-up (make-up or face paint). You can also change their bodies, for example, by switching the body with one from another manufacturer such as Obitsu. You can also make your own customized Pullip doll using a “Make It Own” kit (which includes head, body, eye mechanisms, eye chips, and eye lashes) and buying or making a wig.

While you can buy Pullip dolls from many online sources, these are the sites where I have purchased Pullip dolls and accessories:




Great info resource:


Here’s the link to the official Groove site:



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