2020 EAH Collection Update

Inventory of My Full EAH Collection

EAH LineItem
2-in-1 CastleCastle Playset
Archery ClubRosabella Beauty
Back to SchoolApple White & Room To Study Playset
Back to SchoolDarling Charming
Back to SchoolHolly O’Hair
Back to SchoolMadeline Hatter
Back to SchoolMeeshell Mermaid
Basic BudgetDaring Charming
Birthday BallBlondie Lockes
Birthday BallCA Cupid
Birthday BallCedar Wood
Birthday BallDuchess Swan
Birthday BallRosabella Beauty
Book End HangoutsBeanstalk Bakery Playset
Book End HangoutsGlass Slipper Shoe Store Playset
Book PartyGinger Breadhouse
Book PartyKitty Cheshire
Book PartyLizzie Hearts
Carnival DateBunny Blanc & Alistair Wonderland 2-pack
Core Royal & Rebel 2-Pack (Wave 1)Ashlynn Ella & Hunter Huntsman
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 1)Apple White
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 1)Madeline Hatter
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 1)Raven Queen
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 1)Briar Beauty
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 2)Blondie Locks
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 2)CA Cupid
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 2)CA Cupid
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 2)Cedar Wood
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 3)Dexter Charming
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 3)Holly & Poppy O’Hair 2-Pack 
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 4)Duchess Swan
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 4)Ginger Breadhouse
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 4)Kitty Cheshire
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 5)Alistair Wonderland
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 5)Darling Charming
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 5)Faybelle Thorn
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 5)Rosabella Beauty
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 5)Darling Charming
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 6)Farrah Goodfairy
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 6)Justine Dancer
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 7)Cerise Hood
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 7)Jillian Beanstalk
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 7)Lizzie Hearts
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 7)Meeshell Mermaid (L’Mer)
Core Royals & Rebels (Wave 7)Nina Thumbell
Date NightDexter Charming & Raven Queen 2-pack
Dragon GamesApple White Dragon Rider & Braebyrn Dragon
Dragon GamesDarling Charming
Dragon GamesHero Wing – Darling Charming Baby Dragon
Dragon GamesDeerla pixie
Dragon GamesFeatherly pixie
Dragon GamesHarelow pixie
Dragon GamesHolly O’Hair
Dragon GamesPrince of Scales – Holly O’Hair’s Baby Dragon
Dragon GamesPoppy O’Hair & Brushfire baby dragon
Dragon GamesRaven Queen
Dragon GamesMira Shards – Teenage Evil Queen
Enchanted PicnicBlondie Locks
Enchanted PicnicRaven Queen
Enchanted PicnicCerise Hood 
Epic WinterDaring Charming & Rosabella Beauty 2-pack
Epic WinterBlondie Locks
Epic WinterCrystal Winter
Epic WinterFoxanne Snow Pixie
Epic WinterMadeline Hatter
Epic WinterVeronicub Snow Pixie
Fairest on IceAshlynn Ella
Fairest on IceDuchess Swan
Fairest on IcePoppy O’Hair
First Chapter (Wave 2)Apple White
First Chapter (Wave 2)Bunny Blanc
First Chapter (Wave 2)Madeline Hatter
First Chapter (Wave 2)Briar Beauty
First Chapter (Wave 3)Melody Piper
Getting FairestApple White 
Getting FairestApple White’s Fainting Couch
Getting FairestRaven Queen’s Destiny Vanity
Getting FairestBriar Beauty
Getting FairestMadeline Hatter
Getting FairestRaven Queen
Hat-Tastic PartyMadeline Hatter (28”)
Hat-Tastic PartyApple White
Hat-Tastic PartyBriar Beauty
Hat-Tastic PartyCedar Wood
Hat-Tastic PartyCerise Hood
Hat-Tastic PartyMadeline Hatter & Party Playset
HeartstuckCA Cupid
Jewelry BoxApple White’s Jewelry Box Playset
Jewelry BoxRaven Queen’s Jewelry Box Playset
Just SweetBlondie Lockes
Legacy DayApple White
Legacy DayAshlynn Ella
Legacy DayBriar Beauty
Legacy DayCerise Hood Doll
Legacy DayMadline Hatter
Legacy DayRaven Queen
Magic ArrowRaven Queen
Mirror BeachApple White
Mirror BeachAshlynn Ella
Mirror BeachMadeline Hatter
Pet BobbleheadsNevermore, baby dragon (Raven Queen)
Pet BobbleheadsEarl Grey, dormouse (Madeline Hatter)
Pet BobbleheadsGala, snowfox (Apple White)
Pet BobbleheadsPrince, puppy (Darling Charming)
Pet BobbleheadsShuffle, hedgehog (Lizzie Hearts)
Powerful Princess TribeMadeline Hatter
School SpiritApple White & Raven Queen 2-pack
SDCCCerise Wolf 
SpellbindingRaven Queen
Spring UnsprungLizzie Hearts & Book Playset
Spring UnsprungBriar Beauty
Spring UnsprungCedar Wood
Spring UnsprungCerise Hood
Spring UnsprungHolly O’Hair
Spring UnsprungKitty Cheshire
Sugar CoatedCedar Wood
Sugar CoatedHolly O’Hair
Sugar CoatedGinger Breadhouse & (Kitchen) Class Playset
Sugar CoatedMadeline Hatter
ThronecomingApple White
ThronecomingBlondie Locks
ThronecomingBriar Beauty Doll & Book Playset
ThronecomingC.A. Cupid Doll
ThronecomingRaven Queen
Thronecoming IIBriar Beauty
Thronecoming IIMadeline Hatter
Through the WoodsAshlyn Ella
Through the WoodsBlondie Lockes
Through the WoodsCA Cupid
Through the WoodsPoppy O’Hair
Tri-Castle-OnCerise Hood, Lizze Hearts, Hunter Huntsman 3-Pack
Way Too WonderlandCourtly Jester
Way Too WonderlandMadeline Hatter
Way Too WonderlandApple White
Way Too WonderlandBriar Beauty
Way Too WonderlandKitty Cheshire
Way Too WonderlandLizzie Hearts
Way Too WonderlandMadeline Hatter
Way Too WonderlandRaven Queen Doll & Playset

6 thoughts on “2020 EAH Collection Update

  1. I gotta say your EAH collection it’s so cool. I do agree with how the dolls looks so nice with the packaging.

  2. Your Eah collection is very beautiful!
    Unfortunately I still have many dolls that I miss and that I would like to have but now some of them are very rare.

  3. i am desperate too buy a couple ever after high dolls just for old times sake, where would you suggest buying them that are still intact with their clothes and main accessories? i’m broke so i would prefer if they were less pricey haha! i wouldn’t mind if they were pre-owned/used, as long as they are acceptable condition 🙂

    1. I did buy a few of my Ever After High used. I was able to fix them all up except for a Hunter Huntsman (couldn’t get a couple of small stains off his face). I live in an area that does not have good thrift shopping, so I have to look to eBay for used finds. I put together my Royally Ever After Apple White by getting a used signature doll from one person and bought the full outfit and accessories from another seller (because I couldn’t find the original doll for less than $100 – way too much). If you do have thrift store options around you, go there first. You never know when someone is getting rid of their doll collections. That is where you are going to find the best deals. There are also apps like “Let Go”. I found a huge lot of used dolls for my niece on Let Go from a local seller for a great price.

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