Ever After High’s Way Too Wonderland Playset

I got this playset for only $12.99! It’s shaped like a pocket watch and includes a Raven Queen doll. How could I resist? Click here for the unboxing video.

The playset has a pocket watch inspired design. It includes two tea cup chairs, playing cards that form tables or desks, a mirror, and various Wonderland party themed accessories (a stack of presents, a cake, a tea service, etc.). Inside, the set includes a dorm room panel, a party panel, and two Wonderland High panels, as well as a gateway door. Of course, the set also comes with a Raven Queen doll and a doll stand. Raven is dressed in her Way Too Wonderland outfit.



  • Ever After High doll
  • Daughter of the Evil Queen
  • Exclusively packaged with Way Too Wonderland Playset
  • MSRP $54.99
  • Released in 2015
  • Doll is 10.5 inches tall


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