My Favorite Podcasts

I walk, on average, about an hour or more each day, and I’ve found listening to podcasts really helps pass the time. For those people who just woke from their comas: a podcast is a digital audio file available for free download from the Internet.

Here is a list of the on-going podcasts to which I subscribe (in no particular order):

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How Ever After High dolls have made me into an avid toy collector

I only recently discovered the awesomeness of Ever After High dolls. I quickly became fixated and ordered a bunch through Amazon. I am now obsessed. In less than a month, I have purchased 19 dolls in the line, with my sites set on collecting a few more in the near future. Opening my first few dolls brought me such delight, that it inspired the creation of my web site and Youtube channel. I always like sharing what little things in life make me happy with my friends. Why not share it with anyone in the world who may be interested. I like the idea of sharing what brings me joy, in the hope it may also brighten someone else’s day. Yes, it is often silly and frivolous. So what? It still makes me happy.

Click here for my first video : For my unboxing and review video

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This site is about what makes me happy, and maybe it will bring you some joy too.




1. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

“Ms. HoneyBee was happy and excited.”

2. fortunate and convenient.

“She had a happy knack of finding toys on sale.”