My Favorite Podcasts

I walk, on average, about an hour or more each day, and I’ve found listening to podcasts really helps pass the time. For those people who just woke from their comas: a podcast is a digital audio file available for free download from the Internet.

Here is a list of the on-going podcasts to which I subscribe (in no particular order):

  • HOW DID THIS GET MADE – Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas watch terrible movies and then discuss them with special guests.
  • THE WEST WING WEEKLY – Joshua Malina and Hrishikesh Hirway discuss my all-time favorite TV show episode by episode. (They are currently up to Season 3 of 7.)
  • WAIT WAIT…DON’T TELL ME! – Weekly current events quiz show from NPR.
  • POP CULTURE HAPPY HOUR – Also from NPR, a weekly round-table discussion of whatever has struck a nerve in the Zeitgeist.
  • UP FIRST – Yet another one from NPR, a 10 minute summary of the top news stories, released every weekday morning. (The news doesn’t always make me happy, but I do like being informed.)

Below is a list of podcasts I really enjoy that are not released year round:

  • REVISIONIST HISTORY – Malcolm Gladwell beautifully details past events while gifting them with a new interpretation.
  • A CAST OF KINGS – Weekly discussion of HBO’s Game of Thrones, usually released the day after each new episode airs.
  • DECODING WESTWORLD – The hosts of A Cast of Kings give the same treatment to my other HBO series addiction.
  • IMAGINARY WORLDS – The host delves into the stories behind the stories in the genres of science fiction and fantasy.

Those are my favorites. What are yours?

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